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tes1.jpgWe have got two Educational Grant for seismic software.This software is widely used for training students specialized in geophysics, by implementation early projects and degree works by students and postgraduate students, for research investigation by workers of department and postgraduate students.

Tesseral 2D

From full-wave modelling of complex structures to pre-stack depth migration.

Application allows assigning different seismic acquisitiongeometries, numerical model building of complex seismicsections and modelling propagation of seismic waves in heterogeneous medium for the scalar, acoustic, elastic and elastic anisotropic wave equations.

Algorithms usefast and accurate computational schemebased on the finite difference method, which allows effective modelling of arbitrarily complex geological medium, including the combination of solid and liquid state bodies.


Obtained wave fields can be processed, directly within the software, to obtainseismic imageswith the help of different modifications ofthe time and depth.The software package Tesseral 2D is intended for the interactive analysis and examination of depth-velocity models and it easy fits into the survey planning, processing and interpretation of seismic data.migration.

It is widely used as an educational tool in thestudy of wavefield propagation phenomena, survey planning, processing and interpretation of seismic data.

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king_1.JPGKingdom 8.6

It is powerful software for seismic data interpretation. You can generate horizons and faults on in-lines, cross-lines and arbitrary lines. Horizons can be automatically tracked with newly improved algorithms and combined with interpreted faults and fault polygons to produce seismic based interpretation maps. In addition, borehole and well log information can be displayed on seismic sections in time or depth. Formation tops interpreted in wells can be projected on vertical seismic displays then gridded and contoured over the project area. This geologic-based interpretation information is seamlessly integrated with seismic interpretations to produce a cross discipline, risk-reduced approach to oil and gas exploration.

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