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Educational Geophysical Training

Educational Geophysical Training is implemented in three stages.

In the first stage, students carried out seismic training on the basis of seismic geophysical expedition. To demonstrate the fieldwork involved in modern seismic systems, working both in two -and three-dimensional by technology


. Students master the methods of processing the collected field data using the latest specialized packet processing.

In the second stage on the basis of university camp "Miner"(v. Orlovschina, Novomoskovsk region) conducted field work in electrical, magnetic and gravity prospecting.

Electrical surveys performed in squared and profile options using the following methods: natural electric field, vertical electrical sounding and electrical tomography for the low-frequency current in the resistance and modifications induced polarization electric profiling and frequency magnetotelluric sounding. During field work, students receive skills of  electroprospecting devices. 


Gravity survey performed with gravimeters GNUK-C and magnetic survey performed with magnetometers and gradiometers G-856.

In the third stage at the University in the computer lab of the department conducted laboratory processing of field data of electricity, gravity and magnetic data with the construction of maps and sections of various physical parameters in accordance with the instructions

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